Targeting Comfort and Safety – Biuco Baby Car Seats Design

The Client

Zheng Zhou Biuco Children Products established in 2015, is a subsidiary of Yutong Group, the world’s largest middle-large bus manufacturing company headquartered in China.

The Project Scope

Child Restraint Systems Design

Child Car Seats Design: BIUCO | Case History

Biuco has required ZAAFDesign to work on the Style Design and the Engineering of two high end Child Restraint Systems together with a company in charged of performing Virtual Crash Simulation (CAE) and FEM analysis. The products objective of the assignment were the following:

  • ECE-R129 from 61 to 105cm and ECE-R44 from 9 to 25kg  (double homologation) with the requisite of reducing the use of metal in favour of plastic also for structural elements.
  • ECE-R44 Group 1-2-3 with the requirements of a high level compactness for the first years of use. The same level of comfort and safety should be reached from 1 to 12 years through expandable SIP used in combination with integral harnesses.

The stylistic features must characterize and distinguish the new born brand and respond to the market requirements of Chinese and Western consumers.

Services And Skills

Design, Engineering and Simulations

For both projects Biuco has opted for a turnkey project solution, which process started from the structure layout design phase and ended with the release of the final 3D CAD data for mould design.

The process has involved a team of Senior Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers and an extenal company in charged of Virtual Crash Simulation and FEM analysis working side by side with ZAAFDesign from the early stage of the design phase up to the final engineered 3D files in order to validate the products according to the standard requirements before entering tooling design phase.


The new products comply with the ECE-R129 and the ECE-R44/CCC standard requirements

The task of expandable SIP used in combination with integral harnesses for G. 1-2-3 was successfully achieved.

For both car seats the structures are made in PA which performance results were controlled and adjusted during the development phase through the CAE analysis that has allowed to perform weight control, to skip prototyping moulds and to reduce the number of physical trial tests with a faster time to market.

Child Car Seats Design: Structure made in PA
Structure made in PA
Child Car Seats Design: Expandable SIP
Expandable SIP

The style features of Jupiter i-Size and Mars G. 1- 2-3 are well integrated with Biuco’s new brand identity.

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