Comfort Is Safety: A Car Seat that Grows With The Baby Passenger

This article was originally published in the «Plast Design» magazine of June/July 2023

Child Car Seats Design: Expandable SIP

Models for Techpapa, Sunnylove, O’sk Eva, Storchenbeck, Sparco, Meinkind were enabled by the Smart Infant Carrier concept (Red Dot Award 2020 and European Product Design Award 2021 winner): thanks to ZAAFDesign, many very young passengers as well as the adults taking care of them traveled comfortably safe.

The style of the child seats designed by the studio located in Turin is contemporary and functional, communicating softness and sturdiness at first sight, protecting the precious load like in a shell and, once grown up, guaranteeing children enough freedom of movement to play and rest as well as to devote themselves to their own activities.

Comfort and protection result from a rigorous structural design, shared by ZAAFDesign at Smart Plastics (May 17-18, 2023). The case history of the Mars car seat for Biuco Yutong originates from the need to design a complex product whose main function of impact protection is provided by a structure made of plastic material

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