Our Process in a nutshell

Every time we face a new design challenge, thousands of micro thoughts appear in our mind that must be connected and ordered together in a creative and innovative way, without leaving out the technical aspects and production validation, to successfully arrive at the creation of the final product.

The methodology behind the product design is generally known as Product Thinking, but what does it consist of? Is it a pre-established path or is it built and refined based on the design experience acquired in the field?

Design is not always a linear process in which the product is first conceived, then developed and finally put into production. Design and technology do not always go hand in hand and for this reason it is necessary to talk about Product Thinking.

Product Thinking refers to the process based on the balance between user and production: Design Thinking and Project Thinking.

Starting from these principles together with the experience acquired over years of cross-industry projects, we have created and tested our own design path: a transversal process, divided into six phases, conceived to address in a linear way a new project from the initial stages to final product.

ZAAFDesign Process Framework

Linear diagram of the ZaafDesign design process

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