Laser Cutting Series 4000 image with white background
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Laser Cutting Series 4000

Style design and engineering of the external panels that encase the machinery of a laser cutting machine and its control station.

Laser Cutting Machine Enclosure that Perfectly Integrates Functional, Regulatory, and Aesthetic Requirements


Design and Engineering of a Laser Cutting Machine

The initial request was to create an enclosure for the laser cutting machine that featured a modern style and a well-crafted graphic design, while also meeting regulatory requirements and keeping production costs low.

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Layout, Style, and Engineering

We began by analyzing all the functions of the machine to thoroughly understand its operational needs. Subsequently, we created a series of layouts for the enclosure, aiming to find the optimal solution for development.

Once the final layout was chosen, we designed the structure, which serves as the framework for the external panels. With the structure defined, we developed the panels and their attachment systems, specifying the necessary thicknesses and materials.

Sliding platform

Sliding platform's 3D model
Sliding platform's exploded technical view


Sturcture's 3D model
Structure's exploded technical view


Planelling 3D model
Planelling's exploded technical view

After completing the construction aspects, we focused on the graphic design of the product. This included customizing the colors and distinctive markings that represent the brand, ensuring that the final appearance aligned with the visual identity requested by the client.

In summary, the project perfectly integrated functional, regulatory, and aesthetic requirements, creating an enclosure for laser cutting machines that combines construction efficiency with modern design.

Laser Cutting Series 4000 image with white background

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