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Portal: a Smart IoT Retail Device

Portal is a cloud-based people counter: its analytics platform is designed to supervise the flow of visitorss and improve sales performance in the stores.

Portal is an Internet of Things device equipped with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm and a Business Intelligence platform dedicated to Retailer that increase awareness of clients traffic at the points of sale.


More than a People Counter: Business Intelligence & Retail Analytics

Portal is a Business Intelligence and Retail Analytics cloud platform that transforms stores into a Retail Cloud ecosystem, designed to supervise the flow of people in stores, analyze KPIs, monitor conversion rates and forecast sales trends.

The head counting system Portal consists of a camera connected to an electronic board for its control. The camera is equipped with a base and the electronic board needs a protective plastic casing which also acts as a physical connection to the camera. The support for fixing the sensor to the wall or ceiling is connected to the casing in the lower part.

Services & Skills

Product Design and Prototyping

For Portal Technologies our work  focused on:

  1. Style Design

    Stylistic integration between video camera and the new electronic board container element. A crucial step in the design of the device, as a unrelated body had to be added to the camera. We have designed an element that is stylistically congruent with the camera and with sufficient proportions to be able to integrate and therefore hide the base of the camera inside it.

  2. Optimization of the Assembly Process

    We have optimized the assembly between the two elements of Portal: the electronic board container and the video camera.

  3. Prototyping

    To validate the device on the market it was necessary to create prototypes that could simulate the characteristics of the final injection-molded version. The prototypes were built in-house on our lab’s high-precision 3D printer, the Formlabs SLA.

«A Strategic and Top Quality Partner for a Start-Up»

ZAAFDesign conceived and designed the mechanics of our first head counter prototype, following us in all phases up to the realization of the molds that allowed us to be able to provide our customers with a functional version and then validate it on the market. ZAAFDesign proved to be a strategic and top quality partner, fully understanding the needs of a start-up , often penalized in the printing world as the costs to be incurred are many.
Professionalism, cordiality and accuracy are the keywords that characterize the whole ZAAFDesign team.

Roberto Fazio
CEO of Portal Technologies

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