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Ambra: the Sustainable and Zero-Waste Drink Machine

Ambra is the drink machine designed by ZAAFDesign for sustainable consumption of beverage in public and private enviroments.

Ambra Drink Machine transforms the idea of the coffee break in the office, at home or at the university, and offers companies and consumers a solution to avoid waste.

Zero Waste Drink Machine

A Green Solution for a Sustainable Coffee Break

Coffee capsules and single-dose machines have revolutionized the coffee break, from the private sphere to the public or domestic one: a fixed and indispensable presence in every relax corner.

It is estimated that more than 10 billion capsules are sold every year and that they produce 120 thousand tons of waste, of which 70 thousand in Europe alone.
Although some coffee pods are recyclable, only clean ones can be recycled, which further reduces the percentage of capsules recycled each year and discourages consumers from disposing of pod waste properly.

Consumers and businesses require an affordable yet effective solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

In a world where recycling end-of-life products is no longer enough, everyone’s commitment must be zero-waste production. We need to rethink the product life-cycle and design new user experiences: create new user experiences that take into account the environmental impact of the individual’s individual choices.
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Ambra Drink Machine: the Appliance that Makes Office and Home Greener and Zero-Waste.

Ambra is the Italian project designed by ZAAFDesign, and is the new solution that makes home and office greener and zero-waste.

Unlike the products on the market that require the purchase and use of pods – in aluminum or compostable – to prepare coffee or drinks, Ambra is a machine for hot drinks and powdered herbal teas that does not emit waste and favors the use of bulk raw materials.

In fact, Ambra works with a set of interchangeable containers: each container is positioned directly on the back of the machine. Thanks to the water temperature control, Ambra allows you to make a perfect drink at the most suitable temperature.

The idea of giving up the purchase of pods and to stop contributing to the ever-increasing emission of waste, are the core design principles of Ambra Drink Machine.

The elements that make up Ambra Drink Machine can be disassembled and washed for greater product hygiene and to avoid contamination between ingredients.

Powdered Beverage Container Set (3): Each container can be designed to hold a drink, and each user can have their own customized container set;
Water storage: to be filled like the most common beverage machines
Dispenser spout: removable and washable for greater machine hygiene
Machine body: easy and practical maintenance

Its operation depends exclusively on:

the choice of the raw material in loose powder, collected in the containers in sets. Each container fits perfectly to the rear of the machine. They are interchangeable and can contain all types of powder preparations, at the discretion of the consumer or the shared environment;
the selection of the water temperature, contained in the warehouse on the back of the machine, to be filled as in the case of the most common distributors.

Ambra Drink Machine makes your break greener and more sustainable.

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