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Design and Engineering of Three Sided Wood Stoves

Design and engineering of a complete line of Three Sided Wood Stoves.

A team with transversal skills worked together throughout the entire pellet stove design process, up to the certification stage.


Design & Engineering of a Complete Line of Three Sided Wood Stoves

In 2022 we started a project for an important Asian biomass stove manufacturer who assigned us the design of an entire family of three sided wood stoves.

For the realization of this project, we have assembled a team with transversal skills that worked together during the entire design process up to the certification phase.

Three Sided Wood Stoves technical board with dimensions
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Three Sided Wood Stoves Design: From Concept to Engineering

ZAAFDesign, as project manager, has carried out the construction of the structures, the creation of the style design and the engineering of all the parts that make up the stove, working in parallel with a specialized laboratory that has carried out the prototypes of the stoves for the preliminary tests and followed the certification stage.

In fact, in our team Product Designer and Industrial Designer and other professional figures interact during the entire design process, placing the feasibility of the product at the center of the project. This allowed us to follow the entire design and engineering process in-house, with continuous discussions that allowed us to enrich the project at every stage.

A Complex Project Carried Out By an Expert Team in Industrial Design

The design and engineering of this family of wood stoves was possible thanks to the team and partners of ZAAFDesign: thanks to our experience in the field of Industrial Design, we guaranteed the customer a work faithful to the initial idea, following each phase of the design process, and placing the feasibility of the stoves at the centre.

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