Outsourcing Product Development: 7 Good Reasons For Choosing An External Team

Whether or not to outsource your Product Development depends on your product, its technology and your internal resources. It’s a decision to be made with caution.
With more than 20 years of work, we believe that the contribution of an external team can really make a difference in product development.

Outsourcing Product Development (OPD) means being able to count on different skills and experiences, being supported by tools and techniques that integrate In-House Production.

Why Outsourcing Product Development is the best choice for a startup or an established business? Here our 7 good reasons.


1. Multi-disciplinary Expertise

Developing a product requires many different activities: research, analyses, concept, design, engineering, prototyping and so on. It’s hard to have all of these disciplines and skills readily available to pursue the new product. With an external and qualified team you can have a multi-disciplinary expertise for you product development.

2. A Great Team In Few Hours

Hiring talented people is a challenge for any company, but it’s also a long process. In a short time you will have a solid and experienced team with different skills working on your product. A team with which internal production can dialogue and confront: outsourcing product can become a moment of growth for the company and the people who work there.

3. A Team Fully Focused On Your Product

An outsourced team will be dedicated to working on your product with 100% commitment and attention to satisfy and ensure the best results for your business.

4. You Can Focus On Your Core Business

An external team that handle the most time-consuming aspects, such as product development, allows companies to strongly focus on their core business and to allocate resources to their primary business.

5. Faster Speed to Market

Already from the concept design – that is, when the product takes its first forms – it is essential to put a version of it on the market as quickly as possible. Outsourcing allows the company to act quickly but with the guarantee of having a qualified team with the right experience to develop and follow the entire product process. Quality, competence and speed: an external team is the best solution to bring your product to market in the shortest possible time.

6. Save Costs

Outsourcing product development can save and reduce costs by 20% – 30%. Recruiting, training and infrastructure development: these can be too expensive and time-consuming to do in-house for a start-up or business looking to experiment with new sectors or products. Quality, minimum costs and expertise: this is outsourcing.

7. IP Generation

Not only is your IP (Intellectual property) secure with solid agreements, but you actually get a boost in building new IPs with talented teams.


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