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Tiny Twinkle Baby Bottles

Designed in Italy for baby’s comfort, this Tiny Twinkle Silicone Baby Bottle¬†provides a natural feeding experience.

Tiny Twinkle Baby Bottle is designed for the maximum comfort and safety, for both parents and baby.


Baby Bottle Design: a Natural Feeding Experience

Modern baby bottles are required to satisfy baby’s maximum comfort and safety. But Baby Bottles are objects that connects both: parent and child. So for Tiny Twinkle Baby Bottles design, our team focused not only on ergonomic and safety requirements – to provide the most natural feeding experience possible – but also on usability for parents.
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Comfort and Safety of Baby Bottle, for Both Parents and Baby

Quality Materials for Medical Use

We worked to the Tiny Twinkle Baby Bottle Design to ensure that milk is always and only in contact with a combination of high quality materials for medical use: a safe and non-toxic grade silicone for the parts in direct contact with the baby’s mouth, and plastic polypropylene for the baby bottle body.

A Natural Shape for a Natural Experience

The soft natural shape of the Baby Bottle ensures a natural feeding experience: a comfortable grip helps holding the bottle body and a flexible and elastic nipple helps to mimic the feeling of breastfeeding.

Double anti-colic vents help to prevent the baby from ingesting too much air.

Better Usability for Everyday Use

Tiny Twinkle Baby Bottle is designed for a better usability also for parents: all bottle components disassemble completely for easy cleaning and are safe for use with dishwashers, steam sterilizers, boiling water and microwaves.

Built-in measuring scales ensure perfect portions for every feeding.

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