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Sparco Snowshield PRO: Innovation in Winter Traction

Design Concept for a Textile Snow Sock designed for Carpa Design, marketed under the Sparco brand.

Sparco Snowshield PRO: perfect traction for winter with easy installation and a compact design, for safe and stress-free driving


Sparco Snowshield PRO - the ultimate solution for winter driving

During winter, traditional tire chains can be heavy, bulky, and complicated to install, especially when needed in emergency situations. To address these challenges, Carpa Design collaborated with ZaafDesign to develop an alternative solution: an innovative, lightweight snow sock with a cutting-edge textile design.
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Style Design and Development Process

The design process for the Sparco Snowshield PRO snow socks involved thorough research and analysis of existing snow sock patents. This in-depth study aimed to identify areas for improvement and create a unique product in the market. New methods were explored to integrate various essential elements, optimizing the product’s performance, and graphic proposals were developed to ensure the design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Innovation and Functionality

The Sparco Snowshield PRO model redefines the winter driving experience, combining innovation, ease of use, and efficient design. It is the ideal solution for those seeking safety and convenience in winter conditions, eliminating the inconveniences of traditional chains.

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