Lundberg Catalogue - Wood and Pellet Stoves

Graphic and layout design for the new line of Wood and Pellet Stoves by Lundberg, Hichanse Group, developed by ZaafDesign.

The new catalogue guides you through the entire range of products, designed to meet every need in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and design.


A clear and modern design that communicates warmth and reliability

In the new Lundberg line, tradition and innovation merge to offer the finest pellet and wood heating solutions, designed and engineered by ZaafDesign.

For this project, ZaafDesign focused on creating a catalogue that reflects the excellence of Lundberg products, highlighting the innovative design and advanced functionality of the stoves. The result is a clean, modern layout that conveys warmth and reliability through high-resolution images and detailed technical data sheets for each stove model.

Catalogue Contents

  1. Cover: made up of a evocative image of fire together with the Lundberg logo.
  2. Introduction: giving an overview of the company’s values and commitment.
  3. Indice: una suddivisione delle stufe in categorie: a pellet, a legna tre vetri e a legna.
  4. Stoves section
    • General description. Features and technology.
    • Models. Detailed presentation of the available models, with pictures and technical data.
    • Data Sheets. Detailed data sheets for each model, including dimensions, heat output and energy efficiency.

Pellet Stoves

Three Sided Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

Design & Layout

  • Images: High-definition 3D renderings for each stove category. Ambient shots to show the integration of the stoves in different contexts.
  • Typography: Choice of modern, readable fonts, with a balanced layout that makes it easy to consult the catalogue.
  • Colours: Warm and cosy colour palette, recalling the tones of wood and fire, emphasising domestic warmth.

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