DHF Twist Chair designed in Italy by ZAAFDesign

DHF Twist Chair

Soft, enveloping, stylistically appealing with a strong character and the ability to be recognized. Twist Chair is designed for DHF Chairs collection in injection moulding technology.


A closed ribbon that bends on itself to create a seat with a twist.

DHF Twist Chair designed in Italy
The Client


DHF (Donghong Furniture) is the leading furniture manufacturer in China since 1999.



A Seat With A Twist

DHF (Donghong Furniture) has required ZAAFDesign to create a collection of four contemporary and trendy chairs using injection moulding technology. The chairs supposed to be ergonomically correct and well balanced, and with versatile possibilities of usage in domestic and public places.

Inspiration for this project came from Italian fabrics. The idea is that the chair, like a strip of fabric, wraps around a person. Just as a closed ribbon that bends on itself to create a seat with a twist.

Services and Skills

Design Development

Injection molding recreates the texture of the fabric and the soft folds of the seat give a feeling of lightness and luxury. In contrast, to create solidity and strength, the chair legs are made in natural wood: wood as a material is consistent with the idea of elegance and purity, but restores solidity to the construction of the chair.

Texture: DHF Twist Chair
With its curved lines, the seat is designed according to ergonomic principles to ensure softness, comfort and support, as requested by the customer.

Modernist Look and Iconic Design

ZAAFDesign has designed Twist Chair for DHF as a part of four chairs collection. Inspired by Italian silk, the enveloping appealing with a strong character makes Twist chair iconic and easily recognisable. The combination of plastic and wood materials give this chair a modernist look.

Designed for indoors and outdoors, Twist Chair is easily stackable and the seat shell is available in different colors.

Italian Design: DHF Twist Chair

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