Babybelle Air Compressor Nebulizer

5-in-1 Air Compressor Nebulizer

5-in-1 Air Compressor Nebulizer System can function as:

  1. a nebulizer
  2. a baby nasal spray unit
  3. an adult nasal spray unit
  4. a wound clean and care unit
  5. a nasal suction unit

A medical device with an elegant outlook, which fits perfectly every interior, becoming a part of it.

Babybelle Air Compressor Nebulizer
The Client


Babybelle established in 2009, is a subsidiary of Mexus Tai Yu International Ltd, one of the most important manufactures of home appliances and medical nebulizer systems in China and Taiwan.


A Design Which Fits Every Modern Interior

Babybelle has required ZAAFDesign to work on a 5-in-1 Air Compressor Nebulizer System that can function as a nebulizer (with a mouthpiece or with a mask), as baby nasal spray unit, or an adult nasal spray unit, and would be clean and care unit, or a nasal suction unit.

Moreover, it was extremely important to keep the medical device functional but also with a smooth design to fit perfectly in every modern house style.


Inspired by Nature

This 5-in-1 Air Compressor Nebulizer System was inspired by nature, organic forms, and materials such as streamlined stones.

Our designers wanted to give the sensation of balance and relax.

Services & Skills

Concept and Engineering

The process started from the market research and concept creation. Further to structure layout design and engineering phase, and ended with the release of the final 3D CAD data for mould design.

ZAAFDesign designers came up with the customizable concept for this Nebulizer System, the idea to make it adaptable to every interior in order to give consumers the possibility to experiment and made it unique for themselves.

Also, the shiny plastic top part gives it a nice final touch and complete well-balanced design.

The Nebulizer is equipped with a stylish bag, which makes it easy to transport and store.

Customizable 5-in-1 Air Compressor Nebulizer System

5-in-1 Air Compressor Nebulizer System is ideal for every component of your family, children, and adults. Good for treatment of acute rhinitis & sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, nasal polyps, nasal allergy rhinitis, nasal bleeding, rhinocleisis, acute laryngopharyngitis, tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma.

Built-in safety-cut-out device to prevent the motor from overheating.

This Nebulizer does not bring to mind a medical device, and moreover, it is customizable which gives consumers a possibility to make it a part of an interior, and also it has the bag for the transportation and storage.

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