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VEMUSA is a carrier built on a multifunctional platform that plans to have propulsion, energy storage, mechanical parts and intelligence in a single compact block under the module of the wheels.

A more social idea of mobility, which allows everyone to move:
children, elderly, sick, disabled, visually impaired.

sustainable mobility
Concept & Research

The Mobility Of The Future

Car sharing has developed exponentially in recent years, in the future it will become increasingly competitive compared to the purchase of a private car. Autonomous driving is the evolution of today’s driving system, electric propulsion will be the arrival point of a great transformation.
The union of these three concepts means a car sharing, autonomous driving and electric propulsion.

The goal is a vehicle in which the project specifications include: stored power, engine, type of routes / percentage of energy recovered in deceleration and braking, in a relationship that allows to achieve the lowest consumption and the maximum range of action .

Wide Range Of Use

Best Travel Experience

Energy Saving


VEMUSA: E-Mobility Travel Experience

Driving to and from work in Europe takes an average of 40 minutes. In the most organized countries, the public service plays an important role for commuting from home to work. Despite this, the average is still 66% private, 34% public.

This autonomous electricity sharing is between the public and private mobility system but it has two very important tasks:
– to discourage the purchase of private cars
– to lower the stress level on the way home from work.

  • 6-person course to encourage use and sharing
  • 4 steering wheels to reduce the internal dimensions of the wheel wells, improving the turning radius
  • 2 baggage to ensure use to and from airports in large cities, in order to avoid the use of the passenger compartment for the most basic security reasons
  • Maximum speed 130 km / h for use on motorways
  • Area of use within a radius of 50 km to connect satellite towns to big cities
  • Glass roof with photovoltaic cells for storing energy during the day
An environment without noise and vibrations, with air pollution free, a screen available for each session that connects with your device to be able to entertain or work: in this scenario 40 minutes will be few and it will be a pity to have arrived at your destination.
  • Large windows for outdoor living as in plein air
  • Pleasant internal habitability with better leg roominess to encourage sharing
  • Internal versatility for use by the disabled
  • Automatic controls of temperature and indoor air quality

The large windows, the colors and the internal materials are important to increase the feeling of well-being, almost a SPA experience.


Electric Propulsion and Autonomous Driving

Sharing mobility, autonomous driving and electric propulsion: this is VEMUSA.
The project is focused on maximizing in terms of assembly efficiency and use of the electric propulsion system. This system allows to reach a configuration, above the technical volume, totally free. The spaces can be used with maximum freedom.

Passenger Module

The system provides a fully automatic coupling and uncoupling of the passenger compartment to the Intelligent Electric Module. The operation, which is fast and lasts up to 5 minutes, guarantees freedom of movement even during the normal maintenance and cleaning of the upper modules.

Intelligent Electric Module (IEM)

The Intelligent Electric Module (IEM) is perfectly autonomous and includes mechanical parts and intelligence in addition to the energy warehouse. Since it is completely autonomous, it allows to accommodate different types of transport systems: people but also medical material, food transport, building materials from construction material centers to construction sites.

As new needs take shape, new modules can be studied to be combined with the Intelligent Electric Module.

Four Steering Wheels

Four steering wheels allow a lower steering angle than the wheels, reducing the volume of the wheel compartments in favor of habitability


Air Sanitization

VEMUSA guarantees maximum safety in the use of the vehicle, thanks to the integration of two devices:

– An innovative suction system and air purification positioned in the headrests, combined with the ozone sanitization system, allow the passenger module to be always and perfectly healthy.
– Before opening the doors, a small camera located at the top measures body temperature. If high (37.5 ° C), VEMUSA’s doors will not be opened, avoiding the use of the vehicle if there are other people on board.

VEMUSA is a new way of
thinking and designing mobility

The Future of Mobility is autonomous, electric and shared

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